South Seas Cuisine
Tropical Recipes from Rarotonga and the Pacific Islands
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South Seas Cuisine is a celebration of the abundance and diversity of tropical fruit, vegetables and fresh fish found in the Pacific Islands. This together with locally group spices, herbs and the delectable flavours of coconut, ginger, tamarind and vanilla, have helped me to create a personal collection of savoury and sweet dishes that will bring the magic of the tropics into your kitchen – no matter where you may live.

The aim of this book has been to share recipes that are not only suitable for use in cafes, restaurants and hotels, but also in the home kitchen. Many homes in the Pacific are on remote islands where imported ingredients are hard or even impossible to find. With this in mind I have included may recipes that are easy, economical and quick, but also make the best use of local ingredients.

Many of these recipes have been requested by customers who have dined at Tamarind House Restaurant, and this has inspired me to complete this book, which follows on from The Tropical Garden Cookbook written a number of years ago.

I hope that you will have fun brings the essence of the South Seas into your kitchen, and sharing the joy of these tropical recipes with family and friends, not only on special occasions but every day. Happy Cooking!

~ Sue CarruthersTamarind House Restaurant – Sue was born and grew up in Kenya. She has spent most of her life in the tropics and has lived in Rarotonga for the past 25 years.

Sue Carruthers

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